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EST. 2012

Artist Tours + Performances

  • All Tour Services (Domestic & Intl.)
  • Clubs > Stadiums
  • Award Shows
  • Late Night TV

Parties + Special Events

  • Custom-Built Environments
  • Album Experiences

Art Direction + Branding

  • Logo/Identity Design
  • Merch
  • Album Artwork
  • Websites
  • Admats

Art Installations

  • Custom Interactive Builds
  • Pop Up Shops

Visuals + Content

  • CG/VFX, Live Action
  • Concept Design, Visual Development, Scripting, Storyboarding
  • Character Design, Animation, Motion Capture
  • Real-time Graphics & Data Visualization

Custom Technology Solutions

  • AR/VR/MR Development

Our 10,000sqft studio located in Los Angeles hosts our integrated design & production team serving as a creative home-base for 50+ employees. Since 2012 we’ve built a highly selective clientele portfolio working with a variety of the biggest artists & companies in the world.


Since 2015 we’ve been working with Amazon/AWS to create their events such as Re:Play, Re:Invent & other various activations. Recently we created Amazon’s first-ever music, arts and technology festival in 2019 handling everything from concept to execution. Production, promotion, talent, visuals art direction… we did it all including unique partnerships with companies such as Intel where we flew 500 synchronized drones for three nights in a row.


Located in Shenzhen, China - we created a unique design inspired by Chinese mythology which was brought to life by a massive figure entitled, “Yong” to hold this presence onstage & provide a living light show above acts such as Skrillex, Galantis, Rezz & Martin Garrix. Standing at a massive 110ft tall and 271ft wide with sweeping wings, the character paid homage and brought Chinese mysticism to life.


Since 2016 we’ve been working closely with The Chainsmokers to bring their creative visions to life from headline festival sets to arena tours. For their most recent World War Joy Tour, we conceived an otherworldly setting featuring a sculptural centerpiece coated with futuristic, polychromatic material and a Globe of Death filled with spinning motorcycles which was toured in over 42 arenas.


Micrashell was born as a socially responsible solution to safely allow people to interact in close proximity. Specifically designed to satisfy the needs of nightlife, live events and entertainment industries, Micrashell is a virus-shielded, easy to control, fun to wear, disinfectant friendly, fast to deploy personal protective equipment (PPE) that allows socializing without distancing. Designed in house from concept to execution, the launch shook the world with over 100+ headline articles & interviews on mass media outlets such as NME, Billboard, The Daily Show, Fast Company, ABC News, Pollstar, Dezeen, New York Post, Vox, Vice, TIME, Flaunt Magazine, Business Insider, CNN & many more…


Creating major experiences & events from the ground up is one of our favorite things to do especially with our long term client & friends Amazon/AWS. This event in-particular was a highlight for us as it was one of our most ambitious productions taking over a year of planning & design. 250+ trucks of production, 30 million pounds of ballasting, 15+ miles of lighting cable & over 36,000 hours of build and strike labor to execute the creative vision. Filling the Las Vegas Festival grounds with four structures to entertain over 25,000 guests with a hybrid blend of music festival & theme park there was everything you could think of from food, gaming & performances.


When Youtube came to the E3 Gaming Convention in Los Angeles, we designed & produced something they’d never seen before: a retro game store decked out with rare gaming memorabilia leading into a speakeasy-style Youtube Gaming Creators Lounge loaded with food, drink & a atmosphere to mix business with pleasure all while a custom Japanese ice cream truck was outside to create event awareness handing out free popsicles shaped into the Youtube Gaming logo. Once the sun started to set, the Wisdome complex was transformed into an immersive space for partying, socializing & entertainment from the likes of Dillion Francis, Diplo & more.


Responsible for nearly every Skrillex, Dog Blood & Jack U show since 2011, we’ve designed a hell of a lot of stages and more than a few spaceships over almost a decade. Spaceship MK III showcased below extended over 20ft above the top of the stage. It was fabricated in just three weeks time to be debut at Skrillex’s headline Coachella Show which was also the subject of a Red Bull documentary that was produced in conjunction with Production Club.


Complex / Vice


Every year at AWS Re:Play, we design an activation for our good friends at Intel. One of the highlights was back in 2017 which was centered around a quince interactive space where our proprietary software allowed visitors to use gestures to collaboratively create original light art all in real time. This made the experience not only completely unique though the possibilities for art were endless.


We absolutely love pushing the limits in design & production, for this event that we created from the ground up we built the world’s largest dome inside the LA Coliseum to set a surreal scene for a special 2,500 party & experience an interior that was a fully immersive visual atmosphere. Given the mass size of the dome, we had to create own pre-visualization software since we were unable to set up the actual dome prior to the event for any testing to ensure that everything would operate smoothly & according to plan.


Creating one of the first production experiences ever at the new SOFI Stadium Los Angeles with the LA Rams was an absolute thrill. Designing and fabricating a re-imagined gameday experience was an exciting project to kick off the 2020 season. Our design featured two smoke-breathing 13' tall Ram heads flanked by an array of SFX pylons, branded with their new logo, and reinforced by high-energy pyrotechnics and translucent red eyes. This was all specifically designed to easily roll out onto the field within a matter of minutes to be fully functional and show ready.